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Our pretty boy! Shaded sable of lovely size and shape. Slow to mature but at 4 yrs he is looking glorious. He is from a quality sire and dam. Both speciality BIS & Res BIB winners.

NZ & AUST CH Charmhill Noahs Crusade

NZ CH Romanoc Dream So Sweet

AUST Gr CH Rannerdale the Wizard of Oz (IMP UK)

Meega Moonlite Amber

NZ CH Louanda Live the Dream (Imp Aust)

NZ CH Hillswick Sweet Interlud

Rannerdale Royal Magician

Rannerdale Candy Floss

AUST CH Nigma Sirius

AUST CH Meega Mantilla Lace

AUST CH Rannerdale The WizardOf Oz

AUST CH Milesend Storn-N-NormanImp Aust)

AUST CH Gainess Serenade

CEA Clear

Louanda Forbidden Dream

NZ CH Romanoc If I Had A Dream

"Mickey" DOB 8/11/2010