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Our Retiree's

Although these dogs are no longer shown or only shown occasionally and usually at specialist shows we owe them the future of "Romanoc". Through them we have been able to continue on, without them we wouldn't have had anything! They have a place in our hearts and a well deserved retirement lying in the sun and enjoying their lives to the full. They are much loved and valued not only for their contribution to the breed but to us as loving pets & companions.

NZ CH Hillswick Sweet Interlud (Imp Aust)

CH Romanoc Dancing With Dreams

CH Romanoc How Sweet The Sound

CH Romanoc A Joy To Behold

NZ CH Louanda Look At Me Now (Imp Aust)

CH Romanoc Spice Merri Tart

NZ CH Aanara Here TStay (Imp Aust)

CH Romanoc Mae Merri Mint

CH Romanoc Merri Maid

Our Retiree's